1 American automaker pioneered the pickup truck 10 years before any of its competitors

Black and white photo of a farmer driving a Ford Model TT truck on a sandy road.

Quick, which American automaker sold pickup trucks trucks First? If he said Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet, he would be wrong. The truth is that the Grabowsky Motor Company sold its first truck back in 1902. General Motors acquired the fleet truck company in 1909 and changed its name but kept the initials GMC. The Grabowskys certainly had competitors in their day. But of all the truck manufacturers today, GMC has been in business the longest.

The Grabowsky brothers were innovators

1902 GMC truck | Bettmann via Getty Images

Max Grabowsky invented one of the first work trucks. It had a single cylinder engine under the driver’s seat, connected to the rear axle by a chain drive. He was also a right-hand drive. Its one-cylinder engine earned it the nickname “one-lunger”.

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