1 ‘key drawback’ of buying a new SUV according to Consumer Reports

Car shopping inside a Proton X70 at the Rahman Brothers Automotive Bhd. dealership in Shah Alam, Malaysia

With any vehicle, the first decision when choosing the right SUV is whether the choice will be a new or used model. While the question may be subjective depending on the potential owner, there are still truths with either option. New and used selections can have pros and cons, but there are some essential factors to consider when shopping for an SUV, according to Consumer Reports.

Should you buy a new motor vehicle?

Buy an SUV at a dealer | Samsul Said/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Buying a new SUV has the benefits of the latest and greatest collision avoidance equipment, safety enhancements, and updated infotainment technology. Crucially, they also come with a valuable bumper-to-bumper factory warranty. When looking for a new SUV, manufacturers will provide you with all the information you need to make your purchase possible. Dealership personnel can tell you precisely what the vehicle can do. Plus, they can even give buyers the chance to drive it and keep it for a few days while they decide.

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