3 Ford trucks and SUVs for reliability and potential lifespan

Ford trucks and SUVs for reliability include this Edge

Some people are not interested in a three-month lease on a truck or SUV. These Ford trucks and SUVs could be a good option for buyers looking for a long-term vehicle situation. The options on this list show that you can buy a 10-year-old Ford pickup or sport utility vehicle for less than $20,000 miles with at least 100,000 miles of life remaining.

You can’t have reliable Ford trucks and SUVs without the Expedition

When iSeeCars reviewed the best used cars for the money, the Ford Expedition SUV was affordable and had the potential to last for many miles. As for 10-year-old Expeditions, iSeeCars says the median price is around $15,584. The Ford Expedition has the potential to last 244,682 miles or more. Somehow, the experts at iSeeCars also determined that if you buy an Expedition for that price, it will cost you just $143 per 1,000 miles.

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