3 Honda Trucks and SUVs That Will Last Forever or 200,000 Miles

Honda trucks and SUVs like the Pilot have long lifespans

Honda has some good options for buyers in the market for a pickup truck or long-lasting sport utility vehicle. The Honda trucks and SUVs listed below have an above-average number of cars on the road with more than 200,000 miles. For buyers looking to hang on to the next vehicle that lands in the driveway for as long as possible, these three options have you covered.

Honda trucks and SUVs that will last 200,000 miles include the Ridgeline

During a recent study of iSeeCars, the Honda Ridgeline pickup was in the top 10 of all vehicles with the longest potential lifespan. Trucks and SUVs are designed to get at least 100,000 miles, but modern cars can sometimes exceed that number. iSeeCars found that the Ridgeline had the potential to last 248,669 miles or more.

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