3 of the Best Subcompact SUVs to Buy According to MotorTrend

SUVs have been increasing in popularity since the early to mid-2010s, with the car segment now significantly outpacing sedans and other smaller cars. Manufacturers are even jumping on the bandwagon and phasing out their sedan models in favor of SUVs. Naturally, more people are turning to subcompact SUVs as well, as they provide most of the benefits of their larger counterparts while still being reasonably affordable. These are the top three options MotorTrend recommends you get.

1. The 2023 Subaru Crosstrek is one of the best subcompact SUVs to buy

The 2023 Subaru Crosstrek makes it to the top of the list primarily for value for money. motor trend He describes it as a practical, rugged and comfortable subcompact SUV and it’s easy to see why. As for practicality, it has 21 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear seats. While this isn’t much, it can be expanded to 55 cubic feet, which should be enough for most use cases.

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