3 Pickup Trucks By 2023 Everyone Wants To Buy (And Can’t Get)

Pickup trucks for 2023 that you want, like this Chevy Silverado

It seems that there are more new trucks on the market than ever before. Automakers are trying to keep up with demand, but supply chain problems and a shortage of semiconductor chips have proven to be a stumbling block. Here are three trucks for 2023 that everyone wants to buy and can’t, for whatever reason.

Ford’s Maverick is the 2023 truck everyone wants to buy and can’t

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Weather edmunds He had a lot of positive things to say about the 2023 Ford Maverick, don’t ask buyers waiting in line for one. Ford built the Maverick well, almost too well, and it can’t keep up with production. With its starting price of $21,000, the buyer’s list for the first version of the Ford Maverick was long. So far, many of those 2022 buyers have been pushed to a 2023 model. That means there are even fewer 2023 Ford Mavericks to go around.

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