3 Reasons the 2023 Ford Maverick Is the Most Affordable Compact Truck

If you’re interested in buying a new compact truck, the 2023 Ford Maverick is a popular choice. Plus, it’s also the cheapest new pickup truck money can buy. Usually when something is affordable it comes with a catch. Why is the Maverick’s starting price so low? Here are three reasons why the 2023 Ford Maverick is the cheapest compact truck.

2023 Ford Maverick Base Model Is Basic

Ford Maverick 2023 | Ford Media Center

First, the base 2023 Ford Maverick XL model starts at $23,690. According to edmunds, most of the features are as basic as you’d expect from such a budget model. For example, the interior is lined with cloth upholstery, has 17-inch steel wheels, and some of the highlights listed are air conditioning and power windows. On the plus side, the Maverick comes with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and forward collision mitigation. Drivers will operate the infotainment system on a small eight-inch touchscreen, and the stereo system only uses six basic speakers.

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