3 Reasons the Toyota Tacoma Was the Best-Selling Midsize Pickup of 2022

2023 Toyota Trail Edition

Another year, another victory for the Toyota Tacoma. The midsize truck has led its segment in sales for many years and was back in first place in 2022. What makes so many people want to keep buying the Tacoma year after year? There are a few reasons why the Toyota Tacoma was the best-selling midsize pickup of 2022.

The Best Selling Midsize Pickup of 2022

2023 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition | Toyota

The best-selling midsize pickup of 2022 was the Toyota Tacoma. Like many years before, the 2022 model year showed that customers are still loyal to the popular truck. According to foxnews, Toyota delivered 237,323 Tacoma trucks to customers in 2022, representing a 6% drop from the prior year. Primarily, the drop is due to continued supply shortages plaguing the industry, but Tacoma’s numbers remain impressive. Other models saw a much larger decline in sales for the same reason.

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