3 reasons to wait before buying a compact truck

2022 Ford Maverick off-roading, wait before buying a compact truck

Are you interested in buying a new compact truck in 2022? There are some important reasons to wait before making that purchase. Models like the 2023 Ford Maverick and 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz are tempting for a number of reasons. However, it may be better to wait because it is not the best time to make this purchase. Here are three reasons to wait before buying a compact truck.

1. Market and availability of compact trucks

Ford Maverick 2022 | Allison BarfieldMotor Biscuit

We recommend waiting before purchasing a compact truck due to the current market and availability. You probably already know the story if you’re interested in the popular Ford Maverick. However, if you’re uninformed on the subject, the Maverick is incredibly hard to buy right now. Since it went on sale some time ago, buyers have snapped up the cheapest Ford pickup before anyone can see it.

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