3 reliable SUVs from American brands with space for 7 passengers

These reliable SUVs from American brands like the Chevrolet Tahoe

Are you looking for a new SUV made in the USA? These dependable SUVs from American brands are from 2021, but you may be able to find a newer version. If you need to haul seven or more passengers, these sport utility vehicles from Cadillac, Lincoln and Chevrolet are up for the job. Now more than ever, buyers are looking for reliable vehicles that don’t have you in and out of the shop on a monthly basis.

Reliable SUVs from American brands include the Lincoln Navigator

US News selected the 2021 Lincoln Navigator for several reasons. Lincoln built the Navigator in Louisville, Kentucky, owned by Ford, an American company. This luxury SUV is built on the same platform as the Ford Expedition, but with better materials and options.

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