3 trucks to tow your way to 2023 with ease

The best pickup trucks to tow with include this GMC Sierra

Looking for a new truck for the new year? Here are three full-size pickup trucks to tow through 2023 with over 12,000 pounds of towing capacity. But don’t order the base model and think it’ll grab your airflow—you’ll need to find the right combination to get the most out of your new truck.

Tow your way to 2023 with the Ford F-150 Pickup

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At the top of the list of the best trucks to tow around US News, the 2023 Ford F-150 stole the show. Roomy, comfortable and highly capable have made the F-150 a bestseller for years. Now, for 2023, Ford offers more trim levels and powertrain options to meet the needs of many buyers. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come on the new infotainment system.

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