3 Used SUVs That Can Master Off-Roading

A Nissan Xterra shows off its capability as an off-road SUV.

In recent years, off-road SUVs have become extremely popular. But buying a new SUV isn’t right for everyone, especially if you plan to hit it on the road. Therefore, more people are interested in what the used vehicle market has to offer. Buying used allows you to get a cheaper vehicle, which means you don’t have to break the bank. But which used SUVs are worth looking at if you want 4×4 capability and ruggedness?

3. nissan xterra

Nissan offered the Nissan Xterra for two generations before it was finally discontinued due to poor sales. The Xterra has been featured in shows like The sopranosand most see it as a cheaper alternative to the Toyota 4Runner.

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