4 of the best pickup trucks on the foreign market are not available in the US.

Bright green special edition of Holden

United States and pickup trucks they go together like, well, trucks and the US The trucks built by the Detroit Three and by foreign automakers here in the US are among the best in the world. But there are still several amazing trucks on the foreign market that aren’t available in the US. Here are four I wish you could buy here. Unfortunately, a vehicle not licensed for sale in the US must be at least 25 years old before it can be legally imported. We will have to wait a few years before crossing the US in any of these trucks.

toyota land cruiser 79

Toyota Land Cruiser 79 | Edwin Remsberg/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Toyota replaced its iconic FJ40 in 1984. It built the slightly more luxurious FJ60 for the North American market and the basic 70-series for foreign markets. The 70 series SUV was known as the Prado in Japan and later in Europe. It also came as a long wheelbase truck version. The 70-series truck was rebadged as the Land Cruiser 79 in 1999, and is still available in African markets today, according to gear patrol. Although the 79 Land Cruiser’s sheet metal may look almost forty years old, its internal parts are not. It is now available as AWD with a center-locking differential on some trims. But it still has a manual transmission. You can even get a 79 Land Cruiser with a four-door cab and a pickup.

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