6.5L Chevy and GMC Diesel Trucks

2000 Chevrolet 1500

The GM Detroit Diesel 6.5-liter engine first appeared in 1994 in the GMC and Chevrolet 1500-series full-size pickup trucks. Unfortunately, even in 1994, they were inferior to their Ford and Ram diesel counterparts. At the time, most diesel engines featured direct injection, but this, among other slights, caused GM big problems. And they stuck around until a revised engine debuted in 2002.

Are the 6.2 liter and 6.5 liter Detroit Diesel engines the same?

2000 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado Pickup | GM

The 6.5-liter Detroit diesel engine was the predecessor to the 6.2-liter version. Lackluster performance was the main complaint about the 6.2-liter Detroit Diesel engine. With 130 hp at 3,600 rpm, they couldn’t compete with their cousins, the 454 ci gasoline V8s. Gas mileage was also superior to the diesel option.

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