7 seats, super aerodynamic, but is it also super fast?

2024 Lucid Gravity SUV Concept

We really are living in a golden age if Lucid’s new promises for its first SUV come true. The first SUV from the electric vehicle maker, Lucid Gravity, should represent the pinnacle of Lucid’s SUV development thus far. Its Lucid Air sedan is already setting speed records and impressing critics. Could the new Lucid Gravity do the same?

Is the new Lucid Gravity SUV the most aerodynamic SUV ever?

New SUV Lucid Gravity | Lucid

Lucid says the Gravity EV is “more aerodynamic than any SUV the world has ever seen.” While the company doesn’t offer any coefficient of drag numbers, it looks sharp, with a wide, smooth front end and a flat hood. The images from top to bottom show a long and wide panoramic roof with a rear spoiler. While there’s nothing that particularly says “aerodynamic,” there’s nothing that doesn’t need to be.

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