7 vans with intermediate doors or walk-through cabins

A yellow Subaru Baja compact utility pickup truck built with a midgate driving on a dusty gravel road

Intermediate doors, or walk-through cabs, offer the option of extending the cargo space from the truck bed into the vehicle. While a useful feature, midgates have only been available on a few unique trucks over the years. In fact, many modern trucks don’t come with them. Here’s a look at seven trucks (past, present, and future) that did, will, or will come with midgates, though.

What is a midgate/pass-through booth?

Most trucks have a permanent barrier between the cab and the bed of the truck. However, the panel between the bed of the truck and the rear seat can be removed for trucks with intermediate doors. Additionally, the second row seats can be folded down to provide additional cargo space in the cabin. As for the seven trucks that have, had or will have this feature, the following are found:

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