A post-apocalyptic draft tactical assault concept truck

Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle front grill

What in the name of Mad Max do we have here? I guess I shouldn’t ask a question that I already know the answer to. This post-apocalyptic project truck is called by its creator a concept tactical assault vehicle. It was built in Hawaii and is now for sale.

Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle | turbocrow1

What is this truck from the Tactical Assault Concept project?

Front grill of tactical assault concept vehicle
Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle Project | turbocrow1

According to our friends from silodrome, this unusual concept was built in Hawaii on the rolling frame of a 2007 Chevy Silverado 3500 Duramax Dually. This modern Dr. Frankenstein then built a steel frame that bolted to the original body mounting points. The actual body was made of ⅛” steel.

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