Are Japanese trucks really any different than American trucks?

A red 2023 Ford F-150 King Ranch shows off as a luxury truck that can also do some work.

The US pickup truck market has been one of the strongest segments of the auto industry for years. Last year, the top-selling vehicles—not just trucks, but actual vehicles—were three American-made pickup trucks. This dominance in the industry suggests something that could be very different between American trucks and Japanese trucks.

The Detroit Big Three are the best trucks on the market

2023 Ford F-150 King Ranch | Ford

If the sales numbers are any telltale sign, the top three vehicles sold in the United States last year were trucks from the Big Three Detroit automakers. This dominance of sales shows us that Americans choose the Chevrolet Silverado (519,774 sold), Ram trucks (569,388 sold) and Ford F-Series trucks (726,004 sold) more than any other vehicle on the market.

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