Are the Chevy GMT400 and GMT800 pickup trucks collectible?

Red 1988 Chevrolet K1500 GMT400 classic pickup truck sketch by General Motors.

As time goes by, classic vehicle collectors are becoming more and more interested in trucks of later and later models. The generations of General Motors full-size trucks called the GMT400 (1988-1998) and GMT800 (1999-2006) were once discarded by collectors. But both generations of Chevrolet and GMC trucks are gaining popularity among classic truck collectors.

Are square body Chevy trucks and OBS chevy the same?

No. Square body pickup generally refers to 1973 to 1987 Chevrolet/GMC C/K pickup trucks. obs chevrolet stands for “older body style” and generally refers to 1988-1999 Chevy/GMC trucks. Internally, General Motors called this generation of trucks and SUVs GMT400.

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