Bigger and badder? How much space is in the new 2023 Honda Pilot?

Honda has released the all-new 2023 Honda Pilot. The company is placing a lot of importance on the fact that it is the biggest and most powerful Honda SUV of all time. It seats seven or eight passengers, has a new stiffer frame and a fancy all-wheel drive system. But is the biggest Honda Pilot really that big?

How much cargo space does the new 2023 Honda Pilot have?

The 2023 Honda Pilot | sling

The new 2023 Honda Pilot has plenty of room. It has 114 cubic feet of storage space with the seats folded down and 22 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats. That puts the Pilot right between its two rivals for interior space. For comparison, Toyota’s similar three-row Highlander holds 84 cubic feet of luggage, while the larger Chevy Tahoe holds 123 cubic feet.

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