Buyers And Experts Agree On The Best 2023 Honda Ridgeline Build

Anyone shopping for a new midsize truck will probably consider the 2023 Honda Ridgeline. It’s bought for many reasons, especially its ride quality and luxurious interior. Four different Ridgeline trim levels are available, including the luxurious Black Edition variant. However, only one is the most popular with buyers and is recommended by two leading experts. Buyers and experts agree on the best 2023 Honda Ridgeline model, the RTL trim.

2023 Honda Ridgeline | sling

First, the best way to determine which version of a vehicle buyers like best is by its popularity. According to edmunds, the most popular 2023 Honda Ridgeline model is the RTL model. As the second cheapest version of the midsize truck, it’s less expensive than the RTL-E and Black Edition, but more expensive than the base Sport. Starting at $43,075, what makes customers find the RTL more desirable than the more affordable base model?

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