Canyon Carving makes this ram get 5 MPG

A black 2021 Ram 1500 TRX performance supercharged full-size pickup truck jumping off a dirt ramp

Let’s break down the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX. When this truck took the stage, Ram fans and critics alike hailed it as a monster hit. MotorTrend even named the 1500 TRX the 2021 MotorTrend Truck of the Year. However, there is a major downside to owning this popular truck.

Recently, the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX embarked on an adventure with the team at MotorTrend to carve an off-road canyon. Reports on this truck’s fuel efficiency on that outing are downright dismal. This Ram got 5 mpg on its uphill jaunt, which might discourage other off-roaders from buying it.

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