Change Windows 11 Icon Spacing Now; know the steps to follow

Here are the steps you can follow to make icon spacing changes in Windows 11 on your desktop or laptop.

Are you a Microsoft Windows 11 user and want to make some changes to icon spacing? Apart from using third-party apps for the same, there are also some customization options, with which you can change the icon spacing of Windows 11. Before we tell you how to change icon spacing, you may know that if you see the icons on your Windows 11 desktop are widely spaced, this is mainly due to Microsoft’s design choice. Also, you can’t change or customize it from your desktop or laptop settings. You will have to try the tricks and methods provided here.

It can be known that the vertical and horizontal space between the icons is fixed and unchangeable by default. However, by using the ways mentioned below, you will be able to change the vertical and horizontal spacing of icons in Windows 11. Here is everything you need to know.

Here’s how to change icon spacing in Windows 11 via Registry Editor

Step 1:

Turn on your Windows 11 desktop or laptop and press Windows + R to open the Run dialog. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the Start icon on your system taskbar and then select the Run option.

Step 2:

Next, you will need to type regedit and click OK or OK.

Step 4:

You will be able to see two registry items, namely: IconSpacing, which changes the icon spacing horizontally; and IconVerticalSpacing which changes the icon spacing vertically.

Step 5:

It can be known that the default value of both registry items is -1125 and the range is -480 to -2730. You will need to make changes to these numbers. Increasing the value will decrease the spacing between icons, while decreasing the value will increase the spacing between icons.

Step 6:

After you have made the changes to the value, click OK.

Step 7:

You will then need to log out of your user account and restart your computer and then log in.

Step 8:

You will be able to see the changes you have made to the spacing of the icons.

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