Consumer Reports Most Satisfying List Has 2 Trucks Under $85,000

Consumer Reports

Finding a reliable new car, truck or SUV is not as easy as it seems. However, Consumer Reports’ most satisfying list has two trucks recommended by buyers, but neither is a traditional gas-powered vehicle. Both trucks are under $85,000, while one is a hybrid and the other is fully electric. If you guessed the Rivian R1T compact pickup and Ford Maverick were on the list, you’d be right.

The Rivian R1T made Consumer Reports’ most satisfying list

When Consumer Reports got the 2022 Rivian R1T to test drive, the electric truck left a positive impression. The Rivian still had a lot to offer for full-size pickup trucks over the gas-powered competition. With a price range between $67,500 and $85,000, Rivian had a lot of interest in its electric pickup truck.

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