Could this off-road EV feature a new take on the ID.4 GTX SUV?

VW ID.XTREME off-road concept driving

Off-roading is cool, and VW is looking for ways to show that its new ID.4 all-electric SUV can be cool, too. It’s created a new off-road version of the fun VW D.4 that sheds the scruffy lines of regular SUVs and elevates them to create an EV that looks like it can take on the next leg of a rally. Could this beefier concept preview a new ID.4 SUV?

Volkswagen calls it ID.XTREME, an off-road concept car

VW ID.XTREAM Concept | vw

VW answered the question no one was asking; What happens when you turn an electric SUV into a beefy SUV? The basics are simple, with VW adding a “performance unit” to the rear axle and tweaking the car’s software to give this four-wheel-drive EV crossover off-road capability. The upgrades added 87 horsepower, for a total of 382 horsepower.

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