Did GMC or Chevy trucks come first?

Vintage signs for GMC trucks and Chevy pickup trucks hanging on a tan, metal wall.

The GMC Sierra vs Chevy Silverado debate is a friendly rivalry perpetuated by fans of General Motors trucks. trucks. But what brand made the first truck? The truth is, Grawbowski Motor Vehicle Company was founded for the express purpose of manufacturing professional quality trucks and delivery vehicles. When General Motors bought the brand, its mission remained the same. At the time, Chevrolet only made cars. It was a decade later that GM sold the first Chevy pickup, a chassis cab invented by necessity factor workers.

Which came first, GMC or Chevy?

Brothers Max and Morris Grabowski founded GMC as a trucking company in 1900. Racing driver Louis Chevrolet founded Chevy as an automobile company in 1911.

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