Do you miss the Toyota Land Cruiser? I could go back to the US.

The 300-Series Toyota Land Cruiser is an SUV not sold in the United States.

When Toyota decided to discontinue the Land Cruiser for the US market, it came as a surprise. Although this full-size SUV hasn’t been one of the brand’s best sellers, it was popular with those who wanted a luxury vehicle that didn’t scream “luxury.” And the Land Cruiser is something that came with the reliability and robustness of Toyota.

Why is the Land Cruiser discontinued in the US?

Ultimately, low sales figures led to the demise of the Land Cruiser SUV in the United States. When Toyota announced the 300 Series model, the brand also made the decision to no longer offer it here in the United States. And for Toyota enthusiasts, that news was a huge disappointment.

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