Do you want a fast Shelby? Consider a Shelby pickup instead of a Mustang

The Shelby Raptor is a truck in Shelby

Shelby American has a history of taking Ford Mustangs and making them faster and more powerful. However, you may not know that Shelby also makes performance trucks. That means you can have the biggest name in American performance in something you can wear to work, to camp, or anywhere you choose. Take a look at a Shelby pickup instead of a Mustang, like the Shelby F-150 or Shelby Raptor.

How much does an F-150 Super Snake cost?

The Ford F-150 with the Shelby Super Snake treatment commands a premium. The 775-horsepower Super Snake starts at $114,030, but it takes Ford’s flagship truck to new heights. The supercharged F-150 includes performance-oriented parts like a new air intake, aluminum heat exchanger and high-flow fuel injectors. Additionally, the F-150 Super Snake based on the Lariat chassis features a lowered sport suspension to better tame the high horsepower.

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