Even heavier than the Toyota Tacoma

Maroon Honda Ridgeline unibody compact pickup truck parked on a paved road.

Most motorheads know the difference between full frame and monocoque trucks. And whoever they prefer, they will say that a monocoque vehicle is lighter and more efficient. But in the case of the Honda Ridgeline, this is simply not true. The Ridgeline actually weighs more than some Toyota Tacomas and gets very similar gas mileage. Here are the details:

honda ridge line toyota tacoma
Weight 4,436-4,475 pounds 3,915-4,550 pounds
V6 fuel mileage 18 MPG city/24 highway 19 MPG city/24 highway
Horsepower 280 horsepower 278 horsepower
Torque 262 foot-pounds 265 foot-pounds
0-60 (Motor Trend) 6.3 seconds 7.0 seconds
maximum towing capacity 5,000 pounds 6,400 pounds

What is the difference between a full-frame truck and a monocoque?

Automakers attach the axles and drivetrain of a full-frame truck to a “ladder frame” before installing a pickup truck on top. Hence the name: body on frame. A monocoque vehicle features a reinforced body instead of a separate frame.

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