Hate when your house shows up on Google Maps Street View? kill it this way

Do you want to remove the image of your house from Google Maps Street View? You can quickly kill him this way.

Don’t want to show the image of your house in Google Maps Street View? Don’t worry! Here is an awesome hack that will keep your privacy intact. A quick change to your Google Maps settings will help you keep your home private. You can use this trick to remove your house from Google Maps Street View and it will appear blurry thereafter. All you need to do is submit a Google Maps removal request.

This will send a request to Google to blur your home from Maps Street View. The blur tool will make it difficult for people to see what your home really looks like. However, you should be aware that existing images on the web may still show your home due to third party involvement. If you want to remove them too, you can contact them. Unfortunately, there is no standard process for doing this.

However, you should be aware that once your house is blurred from the Google Maps street view, there is no other way to blur the process. So make a firm decision before doing it. Once you decide to hide the street view of your house, it won’t take long. Just follow these steps.

How to hide your house in street view

Step 2:

Now enable the Street View square in the bottom left corner which will allow you to see a picture of your house or the street.

Step 3:

Then tap on your house photo whenever it appears.

Stage 4:

Click Report a problem in the bottom right corner and select My home.

Step 5:

You can now use your mouse cursor to choose which parts of your home you want to keep hidden from the internet.

Step 6:

Google will ask you to provide a bit of detail about what exactly you want to blur. Be as specific as possible so that the Google team understands your request.

Step 7:

Now enter your email address and confirm the reCaptcha. Tap the blue Submit button.

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