How much does an old Ford Bronco cost?

With the new Ford Bronco setting sales records, it makes sense that old-school versions of the Bronco would see a price hike as well. The new Bronco is cool, but that’s likely because it’s tapping into the nostalgia of the old Broncos, especially the first generation, with its looks. Although the new Bronco is extremely capable off-road and has modern features, getting out and turning the hubs of an old Bronco to get into the 4×4 has something people crave.

Although they aren’t the most reliable, comfortable, or even safe vehicles you can buy, an old Bronco may be in its prime right now. The Bring a Trailer auction website tracks the prices of the vehicles it sold and shows that Broncos are increasing in value. So how much does an old Bronco cost?

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