How much should you pay for a van in 2022?

Ford F-150 full-size trucks are parked in a row.

Pickup trucks are a hot commodity these days. Supply chain problems and production delays across the board have created something of a log jamb for the auto industry. With the demand for pickup trucks skyrocketing, the pickup market is taking a particularly hard hit. This, coupled with the increasingly technological features expected in trucks, has created a perfect price storm for our once-inexpensive stuff haulers. So the question is: how much do you have to pay for a van in 2022?

Why are pickup trucks so expensive?

As mentioned above, the car market is experiencing a bit of a traffic jam. There is more demand than supply, which makes prices high. But that’s not the only thing driving prices. Not only do we expect more from our vehicles, like cameras, heated parts, safety features, sensors, better gas mileage, and of course incredible power, but vehicle safety standards have also increased. Both of these factors lead to vehicles that are much more expensive and slow to manufacture. Not to mention, when you add all these technological components, they all require semiconductor chips, of which there are still global shortages.

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