How to find iPhone and iPad apps running on Apple Silicon in macOS Ventura?

iPhone and iPad apps running on Apple Silicon Mac: Here’s how you can run your favorite iPhone apps on macOS Ventura.

iPhone and iPad apps on Apple Silicon for macOS Ventura: Recently got a new MacBook or Mac? Current models come with Apple Silicon chips across the range; the base model comes with the Apple M1 chip and the higher models use the M1 Max. Based on benchmark data, these chipsets are much more powerful than Intel chips and are well optimized for Apple’s macOS as well as the entire app ecosystem.

This also allows you to run iPad and iPhone apps on your Mac. These chips are based on the same architecture as the A15 chip, and that allows apps designed for iPhones and iPads to run on the Mac. So if you use apps like LumaFusion for editing on your iPad and you’re used to, you can use the same on your Mac.

Apps for iPhone and iPad in macOS Ventura with Apple Silicon: How to find and download them

Step 1:

Open the app store on your Mac.

Step 2:

Next, click on the search box for the app.

Step 3:

Now find the desired app and press Return.

Step 4:

Once the list of apps appears, you need to click on iPhone and iPad Apps at the top.

Step 6:

Please note that the iPad and iPhone apps may not work properly on Mac due to the lack of a touch screen.

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