How to Protect Businesses from Phishing: 9 Ways to Cyber ​​Security

If you want to protect your business from phishing attacks by cybercriminals and scammers, here is a list showing you 9 ways to stay safe.

Cybercriminals are a threat to any work organization and Microsoft Security has shared a checklist for IT professionals to protect their businesses against phishing attacks.

The first of the 9 suggested ways requires the use of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on all accounts to limit unauthorized access.

The second suggested way is for accounts with elevated privileges to enable Conditional Access. This means you can block access from countries, regions, and IPs that you shouldn’t normally receive traffic from.

The third way involves the use of physical security keys for those involved in payment/purchase activities or for privileged accounts.

The fourth way is to use browsers that support services like Microsoft SmartScreen. It scans URLs for suspicious behavior and blocks access to known malicious websites, giving you an extra layer of security.

The fifth way suggests that Microsoft Defender for Office 365 should quarantine high-probability phishing and detonate URLs and attachments in a sandbox. This must be done before the email reaches the inbox.

You can also enable phishing and phishing protection features across your organization.

The seventh way suggests using configuration services such as Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) to prevent delivery of unauthenticated emails that may be spoofing reputable senders.

In all eight ways, you can audit “allowed rules” created by tenants and users and eliminate exceptions based on broad domains and IPs. These rules often take precedence and can allow known malicious emails through email filtering.

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Finally, Microsoft suggests that you should regularly run phishing simulators to understand, test, and educate vulnerable users.

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