Injections answer some questions and raise more

Kia pickup

These are driving shots of a camouflaged Kia pickup prototype being tested in South Korea. While we have little more than the shots, they offer some answers about this first Kia truck. Still, they also raise some questions whose answers we can speculate.

What we know from looking at these photos of Kia trucks

Kia Pickup Mule Shot in South Korea | Instagram

First, these come from the South Korean site. weddingdream. You can see that the front end is a direct lift from the Kia Mohave SUV. This makes sense as it is Kia’s largest platform and is a body-on-frame SUV. Therefore, it is the logical choice to create a pickup version. We wouldn’t expect Kia to kit out an entirely new platform and sheet metal for this first foray into the truck segment.

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