Is a Honda Ridgeline Pickup a Good Long-Term Investment Purchase?

reasons to buy a dark-gray 2023 Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck base model

It’s always hard to say that a new truck is a good investment. After all, they lose a LOT of their value by the time you pull one off the dealer’s lot. But not all trucks are created equal, and some just don’t last. But what about the Honda Ridgeline pickup?

Honda Ridgeline expected to get 250,000 miles

2023 Honda Ridgeline | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The Honda Ridgeline ranks among the best as one of the most durable trucks you can buy. In fact, this midsize truck ranks second only to the full-size Toyota Tundra giant in trucks that have a potential lifespan of 250,000 miles. according to iSeeCars, which ranks cars and trucks based on their potential lifespan, the Tundra is expected to get 256,000 miles, while the Ridgeline gets 249,000. Honda cars and trucks are known for their reliability and long life, so it makes sense that the Ridgeline would make the list.

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