Is the 2023 Honda HR-v Sport really sporty?

Honda redesigned the HR-V for 2023. It’s finally moved from the old Honda Fit platform to the Civic platform, which means the new HR-V is more powerful, bigger, and more practical. It comes in three trim levels, including Sport trim. But is the new 2023 Honda HR-V Sport trim really sporty or is it just a trim level?

What is the difference between the 2023 Honda HR-V LX and the Sport?

Honda HR-V Sport 2023 | sling

The base version of the HR-V is the LX version. Step up to the Sport trim and you get a more aggressive front grille, gloss black spoiler, and special exhaust tip on this SUV. The Sport also gets unique 18-inch split-spoke black wheels. So it’s not really a “sporty” version like, say, the Honda Civic R, with its wings and loud exhaust. But it’s a step up from the LX, which has basic cloth seats and a four-speaker stereo. However, all 2023 HR-Vs get a new fully independent suspension that improves ride and handling compared to the 2022 HR-V.

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