Is the 2024 GMC Sierra EV really a Hummer EV?

GMC Hummer-Sierra

GM has revealed its list of full-size electric trucks scheduled for release in 2024. Its recent debut of the GMC Sierra Denali EV completes the triumvirate of Hummer, Chevrolet and GMC electric vehicles. But the GMC Sierra Denali EV is confusing on several fronts. Is it just a different looking GMC Hummer for the same price?

How similar are the prices of GMC Sierra and Hummer?

2024 GMC Hummer-Sierra Denali EV Comparison | GM

Excluding the Hummer Edition 1, which is already sold out, the numbers for both GMC EVs match daily, including prices. The next trim below Edition 1 is the EV3X. Its MSRP is $100,000, while the Denali Edition 1 comes with a $107,000 tag. Of course, there will be some differences between the lower-tier Hummer and a loaded Sierra EV. But once you get to six digits, the difference is almost an accounting error.

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