Is the new electric Honda Prologue a Chevy Blazer EV with a different badge?

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to collaborate to make cars and put different names on different vehicles for brands. The Chevy Silverado is the same truck as the GMC Sierra, for example. But as the new electric world converges on the automotive space, manufacturers are now sharing the engineering duty to build new EV platforms. Honda and GM have teamed up on the Ultium electric vehicle platform, and that means many of the two’s new vehicles could look the same, including the Blazer EV and Honda Prologue SUVs.

You can see Chevy’s roots in the new electric Honda Prologue (or is it the other way around?)

Honda recently released details and photos of its new Prologue EV SUV. GM released its images of the new Blazer GO. Can you see the similarities? In the eyes of this writer, the roots of the two are not well disguised. All the glass and the tilt of the front end of the two look almost the same.

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