Is the Rivian truck bed the size of a piece of plywood?

A man slides a sheet of plywood into the bed of a pickup truck, Home Depot visible behind him.

While the electric Rivian R1T is technically a pickup truck, it’s designed more for exploring the great outdoors than normal truck work. Fans of traditional pickup trucks may be surprised to learn that the Rivian R1T’s bed can easily handle a stack of 4×8 plywood sheets. Reviewers have found that the flexible bed can handle most things you throw at it.

How long is the bed in a Rivian?

A Rivian truck bed is only 54″ inches long. That’s 4.5 feet and the same length as the Ford Maverick. That said, an innovative design gives the Rivian R1T a cargo floor over six feet long with the tailgate down.

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