Is this the $25,000 electric SUV we’ve been waiting for?

Sono Sion EV at the Golden Gate Bridge

Could this $25,000 electric SUV be what the market wants? The world of SUVs is going electric, but let’s face it, the range and price of many of the SUVs we can buy today limits them. Today, the cheapest electric vehicle you can buy is the Chevy Bolt EUV, priced at around $26,500. But German startup Sono Motors promises that its new Sion SUV will not only reduce that, but also charge via solar panels. So could the new solar-powered (!) Sono Sion SUV really be the $25,000 electric SUV we’ve been waiting for?

What is the $25,000 Sono Sion Electric SUV, and is it really solar powered?

SUV Sono Sion | Sono Motors

German company Sono Motors is preparing to sell the new Sion electric car that can self-charge via solar panels on the body. The company is now taking orders for the Sion and says it has received more than 42,000 reservations. And, yes, the company says it should start at $25,000 and seat five comfortably. The company plans to start production of the Sion in Finland in the second half of 2023. Its goal is to produce 275,000 Sions in the next seven years.

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