Mechanics discover Tesla sneaked degraded brakes behind new red calipers on the 2023 Tesla Model Y

2023 Tesla Model Y price

Mechanics and shop owners discovered a clever move that Tesla implemented sometime in the middle of last year on the 2023 Tesla Model Ys. Tesla slapped down some smaller rear brake components hidden under the sporty-looking red brake calipers. Basically, Tesla gave Model Y buyers an “upgrade” that you could easily get at AutoZone. Despite the actual size of the rear brake parts, the calipers make them Look larger.

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Did Tesla ever say that the 2023 Model Y has new brakes?

Technically yes. According to CarScoopsTesla said the 2023 Model Y features new brakes, sort of. Tesla said it was changing brake manufacturers for the 2023 model year. The previous Model Y used brake components from Brembo; now those built after August 15, 2022 use Command parts. DriveTeslaCanada reports that Tesla also said this change would not affect braking performance.

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