New Goodyear sustainable tire made from biorenewable pine resin

New Goodyear sustainable tires are made from recycled materials

While many companies are working to become more sustainable in the future, Goodyear has strived to make sustainable automotive tires for the masses. Goodyear makes these new tires from 17 ingredients in 12 different components, from soybean oil to biorenewable pine resins. If you’re interested in putting some of these sustainable Goodyear tires on your next car, truck, or SUV, read on to find out how these tires are made.

Goodyear manufactures its new sustainable tires from rice husk ash

Good year recently announced that it had made progress to have a 100% sustainable material tire by 2030. The company recently announced a tire made with 70% sustainable material content that will be available by 2023. Goodyear previously announced a prototype tire, but this version recently passed all tests.

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