NHTSA is investigating why CR-V and HR-V SUVs keep suddenly losing power

More than 1.7 million Honda CR-V and HR-V SUVs are under preliminary investigation by the US Department of Transportation for basically getting stuck on the road. The DOT has opened a preliminary safety investigation, which is the first step before a recall, to study the issue. No accidents or injuries have been reported. But, you may want to look at your rear diff and make sure it is not leaking.

Investigation affects 1,720,768 CR-V and HR-V SUVs from 2018 to 2022

2021 Honda CR-V Touring | sling

According to the US Department of Transportation. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the agency has received reports “that loss of motive power occurs at highway speeds without warning.” So you could be driving normally and the SUV would just stop working. Initial reports say there may be a problem with the rear differential, a part that keeps the two wheels turning properly on the axle. The lockup “caused the driveshaft to break while the vehicle was in motion.”

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