Nissan Truck Concepts We Wish Were Made

Nissan Alpha T

The thing about Nissan truck concepts over the years is how daring they are. It’s not shy to go against the norm to explore what a truck really is. Namely, we present these four Nissan concepts that, as unlikely as it was to see production, we wish we had.

2016 Titan Warrior

2016 Nissan Titan Warrior | Nissan

While Nissan promised the Titan Warrior the concept would go into production, it hasn’t. While it may look like a production Titan with pin stripes, it’s not. The front and rear fenders are modified for headlights and taillights that cut through them. Also, the accent line that takes a sharp downward turn has been extended to rockers. At the rear, an integrated tailgate ducktail and black panel is the main change. The grille and the entire fascia have been redesigned. Nissan’s Titan pickup has never seen the sales the company hoped for. While it’s questionable whether the Warrior would have made a difference, it’s too late now. I wish I had tried it.

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