OBS Chevy trucks are all the rage: here’s why

obs chevy trucks

It seems that OBS Chevy trucks have exploded in popularity and price. The reasons are many, but they include its excellent style, reliability, and prices. Equipped and running like newer trucks, millions were produced. That maintains a cap on the price. When it was introduced in 1988, the aftermarket went wild. And it continues to release a steady stream of new parts for a truck that’s 35 years old.

What started the interest in OBS Chevy trucks?

OBS Chevy Bell Tech “splash” pickup trucks | Facebook via Bell Tech

Customization always piques the interest of enthusiasts, and companies like Fresno’s Bell Tech jumped on the GMT 400 trucks. So did magazines like Sport Truck, while Truckin’ found new relevance. All this laid the foundations for what we are seeing today.

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