Old farm trucks in Ukraine fool Russian snipers due to a feature

When Russia first invaded Ukraine in February 2022, most people, including military experts, expected the war to be a defeat in favor of Russian forces. Yet despite being vastly outnumbered, the Ukrainian military has held its own. The Russian military has appeared incompetent at times, including the use of poorly equipped convoy trucks, some with logs for armor. By contrast, the Ukrainian military has been surprisingly resourceful. The latest example is fooling Russian snipers due to a unique feature on old British farm trucks.

Car4ukraine: Aging British farm trucks shipped to Ukraine and adapted for military use

Truck adapted for military use | car4ukraine

Until recently, farmers used old British farm trucks for things like hauling tools and manure across the idyllic countryside. However, thanks to car4ukraine, these trucks found a second life in the battle of Ukraine against Russia. The organization, founded shortly after the start of the invasion, adapts civilian trucks for military use.

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