Only 1 large SUV has more than 40 cubic feet of space behind the rear seat

If you’re looking for something big to transport your items, there are plenty of options besides pickup trucks. A full-size SUV offers a wide range of features to enhance your travel needs, but cargo space is one of the main ones. However, not all storage areas are created equal. Can you really trust manufacturer specs on something as essential as your charging? What large SUV has the space behind the rear seat that you need? We’ll see.

Is it necessary to have a lot of space behind the back seat?

2022 Chevrolet Suburban | creative commons

While a lot of space is unnecessary for all vehicle owners, it’s a deal breaker for some drivers. The ability to carry groceries, suitcases, or camping gear will make traveling much easier, especially if you’re transporting a family. So you should get the amount of space you’re paying to get.

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