Only 1 truck made this list of the best family vehicles of 2019

The best family vehicles from 2019 included the Ram 1500

What makes a car, truck or SUV family-friendly? Plenty of interior space and a quiet interior help. The 2019 Best Family Vehicles only included a pickup from Ram, but there are plenty of sport utility vehicles to choose from.

The best family vehicles of 2019 included the Ram 1500

A 2019 Ram 1500 | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

edmunds listed some of the best family cars and SUVs in 2019, but only one pickup made the list. The 2019 Ram 1500 does it all and makes it look easy. A few things that make it family-friendly include the quiet, comfortable cabin. Edmunds says it’s one of the quietest ever tested. In the same arena, it has room for six passengers.

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