Only 2 new midsize trucks cost more than a Ram 1500

A red 2023 Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck is parked.

Full-size pickup trucks are getting pretty expensive. A base model Ford F-150 now costs over $34,000, and that’s before taxes and additional fees. Today, most new full-size pickup trucks can cost between $36,000 and $40,000 total. The Ram 1500 is one of the most expensive full-size trucks on the market. Two new midsize trucks are even more expensive.

2023 Honda Ridgeline Costs More Than Ram 1500

The 2023 Honda Ridgeline | sling

Honda’s midsize pickup is a staple in its segment because it’s essentially the polar opposite of its competitors. The Ridgeline is larger than many of its rivals and not quite as strong.

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